Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes To School program has one main goal to improve the health of kids and the community by making walking and bicycling to school safer, easier and more enjoyable. Improvements include building sidewalks and paths, educate students and drivers about safe travel, and encourage walking and bicycling to school.

May Bike Walk to School Challenge is coming soon: Learn More…

How it works

  • Students and Faculty register to participate in the Challenge through the website
  • Challenge other students and/or teachers to participate. The more participants, the better the challenge!
  • Participants bike or walk to school at least 1 day per week. Of course, the more days you commute, the more points you score for your team!
  • Each participant logs his/her daily trips to and from school via
  • You will see how your school ranks against other participating schools!

What counts as a bike/walk commute?

  • Biking (non-motorized) or walking both ways to school.
  • Biking or walking one way to school and the other way by another mode.
  • Biking or walking part way to school by pairing with transit, driving, or any other mode.

Walk or bike at least one day a week and earn a bike/walk charm. See how many you can collect!

For more information on SRTS: