Good Reads: My Reference Shelf

These are reports or books I have found useful in my work with the Non-Motorized Travel Advisory Council (NMTAC). I’m a retired librarian. Forgive me, I can’t help myself from recommending these to all NMTAC members, City and County staff, and others interested in improving the safety and convenience of bicycling and walking in Helena.

The plans, from Portland, Minneapolis, Oregon, and so forth, represent the best current thinking in designing for safe and convenient bike and pedestrian transportation. Helena may not have millions of people or dollars, but the process, the design and engineering disciplines represented by these reports can and should inform our progress.

Helena’s Transportation Plan includes a Chapter 6: Non-Motorized Transportation, which in 2004 was written to guide the City and County.

Other Montana communities have developed bicycle and pedestrian programs.

Mia Birk’s book, available soon at Big Sky Cyclery, is an often amusing, always inspiring account of her time in Portland, Oregon’s, during the early days of Portland’s becoming “a world-class bicycling city.”

Oregon’s statewide plan includes lots of very clear descriptions of engineering standards and can be a useful surrogate for the discipline’s gold-standard AASHTO Bicycle Guide and AASHTO Pedestrian Guide. PDFs.

I will update this list with your suggestions.

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