Guidelines for the Challenge

This year the Helena commuter challenge will run through the Montana Commuter Challenge site. The challenge will be similar to past competitions, but here are some differences. Please visit the new site for details and information.

How it works:

  • If you are interested in taking the Challenge look to see if your workplace is already registered online. If it isn’t, you can register yourself and your workplace team at the same time. You will become the Team Captain, by default (this can be changed later).

  • If you have offices in more then one location in MT, please specify the town in the name (ie DPHHS Helena, DPHHS Bozeman, DNRC Helena, DNV GL Missoula, ect.

  • When you register your team as a captain, be sure to put in your organization. Organization is your statewide business or agency (ie MT DNRC, MT DPHHS). If you only have one office, just put your team name.

  • Be sure to complete the whole registration form in order to be signed up. You do not need to pay for the challenge. If you want to participate for free, choose “Ride My Way” and type in $0

  • If the team (workplace) is already created, just join your team

  • Encourage coworkers to register and join your workplace team. Challenge other friends and businesses to form a team. The more teams, the better the challenge

  • Everyone logs their bike/walk/transit trips during the month of May

  • Team and individual standings can be viewed throughout the month. Local challenges can be seen here, filter by city or zip code to find your location. State Challenges are viewed here.

  • At the end of May, Bike Walk Montana will rank all workplaces in size categories by the percentage of commutes achieved by bike/walk/transit

  • Local organizations and groups can view their local challenges on the site.

  • We are using a new platform this year, so you will not be able to use any account information from a previous challenge. You will need to register for the challenge and create a new username and password.


 A “commute” can be:  

  • Biking/walking/riding public transit both ways to work
  • Riding one way to work by biking/walking/riding transit
  • Bicycling or walking part way to work by pairing those modes with transit, driving or any other mode

Work errands, like going to a meeting, the bank or the post office, count as a commute. Biking/walking/or riding transit home or out to eat for lunch, also count as a commute. A walk or bike ride for physical activity during a break does not count as a commute. 

If you are not biking or walking all of the way to work, count only the one-way mileage of the bike/walk/transit part of you commute when you enter your one-way commute distance. 

When you register you will choose a default mode of transportation. This will be your chosen mode throughout the challenge. If your default is to bike, and you walk one day, just record it as a bike commuter as it will still be counted. There is no was to change your commute for one day. 

What is a team vs an organization?

We track the local challenge through Teams, and the state challenge through Organizations.


Each one of you is signed up under a Team. This is how we will track the local challenges. If a workplace has more than one location in MT, the team captain will specify the town when registering. For example, MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services office in Helena will be MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services Helena Team. Anyone in the Helena office(s) will be part of the MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services Helena Team. Anyone who is working in the MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services  office(s) in Bozeman, for example, will be the MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services Bozeman Team.  (note: all DPHHS office in Helena should be one team, even if you are in different office locations in town)

Local Challenges can be viewed under local teams.  Simply search by your town, to get your local challenge stats.


Organizations will be used to track the statewide challenge. When a captain registers there team (DPHHS Helena, DPHHS Bozeman) they will create an organization. Your organization is your statewide business or agency, for example, Montana Department of Health and Human Services. (If you only have one office location, just use your business name for your organization). All local DPHHS offices will be in the Montana Department of Health and Human Services Organization. Only the team captain will have to create, or register, it’s team in an organization. If DPHHS Helena is the first DPHHS office to register, they create the MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services organization. When DPHHS Bozeman registers, the MT Depart. Of Health and Human Services organization will populate when the captain registers the team and they can simply join that organization 

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